The Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the version of ecoDriver to be integrated into cars has been developed and improved over the past year, the task being led by CTAG – Automotive Technological Centre of Galicia. 

Log-in Screen

The application is designed to be used by different drivers. By creating a profile and logging into the application with it, all the profile data and trips will be stored in the device.

Main Screen

The Main Application screen shows the ecoDriver recommendations to encourage a “greener driving style”. The information on this screen is the following:

  1. Icons: On the top of this screen there is a status bar, where the status of power supply, GPS signal, on-board device information and radar information is shown
  2. Speed and gear: Live information that shows the current and recommended values for efficient driving taking into account data on the environment, provided by ADASRP map database and radar, as well as vehicle information from the CAN Bus.
  3. Tree: shows in a friendly way the performance of the driver taking into account the behaviour in accelerations, decelerations, idling, cruising and gear shifting.
  4. Levels: The system ‘rewards’ the driver with a system of levels. The promotion and demotion from one level to other is done following an algorithm that analyses the performance of the driver in a set of trips.

Post trip information

At the end of the trip the application continues to encourage “greener driving” for the next time. A summary of the trip is shown with the scores achieved. The scores of each of the five dimensions (Acceleration, Deceleration, Cruising, Gear and Idling) are shown, and also the global score (60/100 in the figure example) calculated from those five. It is possible to bring up a screen with tips, filtered taking into account the score of each dimension. Tips for the lower scored dimensions will be more frequent.

Historical Consumption

A summary of historical data, regarding consumption and scores achieved, is shown in historical screens. Blue lines show the real data over a given period of time (previous day, last week, last months) The green line shows the average value over the selected period. Over the graph, summarised information on the current trip is given.