From high-speed rail, to self-driving cars, shared bike schemes and Uber-style services, new transport options are rarely out of the news. Some people have been bold enough to predict the death of the private motor car. Whether that’s the future we face or not, there is some certainty in the argument that our relationship with transport is shifting gears. The effects of mass-adopted, shared, autonomous vehicles, in a city characterised by integrated transport solutions, will be felt beyond the driving experience: it is likely our cities themselves will be reshaped in the process as we discover our need for parking, in particular, is diminished.

Rasmus Lindholm, MaaS Alliance Secretary General, will participate in the session “Automated and On-Demand: The Future of Mobility” organised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the frame of the Disruptive Innovation Festival. The session is organised on 18 November. Follow the conversation live at

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