The European Union Location Framework project is pleased to announce the release of an explanatory video of its Transportation pilot activity. The pilot addresses the exchange of safety related road data attributes, such as speed limits and access restrictions, between public road authorities and commercial map providers, building on the requirements from the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Directive and the INSPIRE Directive, and using the TN-ITS protocol and seamless cross-border mapping from the European Location Framework (ELF) project. The pilot is running initially in Norway and Sweden and will be extended to other countries. As a result, commercial map providers, such as TomTom and HERE, will be able to update their databases and navigation systems as soon as public road authorities change safety attributes on their road network. This will deliver benefits in terms of data quality, accuracy  and timeliness of maps in their navigation systems, and in travel time and safety for drivers.

Please find below the link to the video:


EULF is an activity supported by the European Commission DG Informatics Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations (ISA) programme and coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC).