The SAFE STRIP project has developed a benchmarking database for identifying products and technologies relevant to the project’s objectives.

The database also serves as a publishing tool making it possible for suppliers to showcase relevant products and technologies to a larger audience. Users may access the database via the SAFE STRIP website as follows: Select the “Benchmarking Database” from the main menu at the top of the landing page. This brings up the Benchmarking Database main page. From this main page click on the link: “Click here to access the database” at the bottom left of the page. This brings you to the database landing page. The system allows you to search the database or you can use the left hand list of categories to find relevant products or technologies. Should your organisation or company supply or develop products or technologies which could contribute to the SAFE STRIP ecosystem, then do not hesitate to announce your product or technology by means of the registration form.

After receiving your form, the database support team will contact you for further details and product information.

The database currently has 158 distinct records spread among various technological clusters project clusters (batteries, C-ITS applications/technologies, communication module products, encapsulation materials, energy harvesting and energy management modules, infrastructure materials and solutions, microcontrollers, sensors and RTD projects). The database will be updated throughout the project’s duration and will support specifications and market related activities of the project. The SAFE STRIP benchmarking database serves as an interesting marketing tool, and is available to the entire ITS and C-ITS stakeholder community. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to add your product to the database!

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