SPICE is forming a Stakeholder (Buyer) Group to enable information exchange between SPICE and the Stakeholders, but also between the Stakeholders themselves. We kindly ask you to consider joining this Stakeholder group. Limited budget is available to cover public procurers’ travel expenses to join the project training and capacity building events.


As a Buyer to join the Stakeholder Group, you will benefit from the project:

  • Contact details of many other Buyers in the Stakeholder group (who is who and who is working on what kind of procurement);
  • Be regularly informed what is happening in SPICE, the results achieved and get the possibility (if wanted) to contribute to the developments in SPICE;
  • Learn from the experiences from many others in various countries and regions and gather deep knowledge on EC Directives on public procurements;
  • Get technical and legal supports in implementing innovative procurements;
  • Team up with other public procurers to use joint effort to support your ongoing 
procurements with the support of SPICE.

Whom it concerns

SPICE supports the procurement of innovative solutions in the areas of transport and mobility. SPICE Stakeholders are those that are directly involved in this kind of procurements: purchasers and contract managers, but also project managers and directors.

Please click here to join the stakeholder (Buyer) Group

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