On September 27, ERTICO’s Dr Stephan Dreher presented the SUNRISE project at a workshop organised at the annual “The Autonomous” Conference in Vienna. “The Autonomous” is a global community shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility, an initiative launched and hosted by TTTech. This year, TTTech organised a “spotlight session” on EU funded projects. The aim of the session was to present the state-of-the-art challenges of the latest Automated Vehicles technologies, as well as the Research and Innovation (R&I) programs that the European Commission has set up to tackle those challenges.

Dr Dreher gave a presentation on the status and the next steps of EU funded R&I activities in the Connected, Cooperative ad Automated Mobility (CCAM) sector. The focus was on the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the CCAM Partnership in the areas of Vehicle Technologies, Validation and Key Enabling Technologies. Dr Dreher also introduced the SUNRISE project describing it as an enabling player in the development of a harmonised and scalable safety validation framework.

The project, launched this September, will involve a large group of stakeholders and will maximise the uptake of the safety validation framework by delineating an exploitation plan for the achieved results. This will augment the project’s impact at the international level. The key will be to facilitate international cooperation, to build dissemination and exploitation plans and to establish an effective cooperation platform.

The other presentations of the session included an overview of European R&I on Mobility, a presentation on the digital perspective with reference to the Chips Act – given by Dr Max Lemke from DG CONNECT – and an introduction to challenges and results from EU-funded ECSEL projects AIthena – given by Anna Ryabokon from TTTech. Jochen Koszescha from Infineon Technologies presented AI4CSM, and Bernhard Brandstätter from Virtual Vehicle presented Sys2Wheel.

The Conference set an important milestone for international cooperation in the CCAM sector, and enabled the exchange of information on the latest development that concern the future of safe autonomous mobility between experts. The SUNRISE project, brought to the Conference by ERTICO, in the next three years, will have much to offer in furthering this ambition.