Last week in Brussels, ERTICO discussed the latest applications of blockchain on transport together with the European Parliament, the European Commission and over 300 experts. These new technologies could be key to advance Smart Cities, transport and logistics and Mobility as a Service.

Blockchain experts from the public and private sector gathered on 5 February at the European Parliament for the 2020 Blockchain for Europe Summit. The summit was an occasion to discuss the latest developments in blockchain and its application on a variety of fields, including smart mobility. As co-founder and Board member of INATBA (International Blockchain Association) ERTICO is actively discussing the application of blockchain for smart mobility.

“ERTICO has been advocating since day one for cross-sector collaboration and has been supporting the European Commission on its blockchain agenda. Having direct and quick insight into the latest technologies and policies, as well as being in contact with key players, is crucial for innovation, no matter the field”,

said ERTICO CEO Jacob Bangsgaard.

Being part of the “blockchain talk” is also important for ERTICO’s 2020 smart mobility roadmap.

“This year, we will strengthen our engagement with cities and want to understand their needs when it comes to issues such as smart mobility services, data access and data sharing: this is what Smart Cities are about. ERTICO is the platform that brings together all players in the mobility ecosystem necessary to create smarter cities”,

concluded Mr. Bangsgaard.

Blockchain technologies will also play a role in automated driving. With its many applications and growing importance, ERTICO will continue the work on blockchain with its Partnership. In the past, ERTICO has organised events at the 2018 ITS World Congress in Copenhagen and the 2019 ITS European Congress in Eindhoven, debating the benefits of deploying blockchain in mobility. It is a topic also discussed in ERTICO’s activity on MaaS and ERTICO continues to follow the developments in this technology area to see the benefits for its Partners in getting access to the latest developments and the key players in this field. In addition, looking at how blockchain might have an impact on transport and logistics can have useful implications for future innovations.