During the annual General Assembly (GA) the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) announced the winner of the TISA Achievement Award 2012 Teun Hendriks from Teatownlake representing Clear Channel.

Over the past few years Mr Hendriks has been an extremely dynamic personality among the TISA Membership; an expert in TMC (Traffic Message Channel) and TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group) technologies he is the Joint-chairman of Technical and Standards Committee and member of TISA Steering Board. Bev Marks TISA Executive Director said “it is with great pleasure that the TISA Award Committee (TAC) unanimously awarded Teun for his priceless work within TISA and contribution in many TMC and TPEG specifications”.

This year the Award Committee decided also to grant for the first time a TISA Fellowship to four exceptional Members for their contributions in making TISA one of the most influential organisations in traffic and travel information services. The four awardees are: Heinz-Werner Pfeiffer (Robert Bosch GmbH) Michel Rénéric (TDF) David Marsh (GEWI) and Kees Wevers (Convectron Natural Fusion N.V.).

The TISA Fellowship is a particularly important award as it grants the recipients a TISA Membership  based on a personal level rather than on a specific company. The four “Fellows of TISA” are invited to attend all GA and Committee meetings as their contribution is highly appreciated and their involvement and advice is eagerly sought.

This year the General Assembly is very important as strategic positions within the organisations were up for election. Dave Francis (INRIX) was appointed the new TISA Treasurer he succeeds Thomas Kusche (from the German Broadcaster WDR) who has been appointed the new TISA President. Jonathan Burr outgoing President congratulated his successor in his new role “Thomas is a long-standing representative of TISA and a most influential spokesperson of the radio world we wish him all the best for this new venture”.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 22 May 2012