TISA having taken over responsibility for both TMC and TPEG specifications development and maintenance with an ISO Liaison agreement has had major tasks in both technologies to complete this year.  The TPEG Applications Working Group (TAWG) has recently delivered 7 TISA Specifications to the ISO TC 204 WG10 Convenor that complete the TPEG1 Generation Standards.  These add several new capabilities to TPEG including the Traffic Event Compact and Parking Information applications together with Conditional Access capability and an upgraded Location Referencing Container. The TAWG has also delivered 6 TISA Specifications for the completely new TPEG2 Generation that brings a UML modelled toolkit and new applications to fruition including the Traffic Flow and Prediction application.

This work has resulted in13 completed TISA Specifications confidentially available for TISA Members use for their ongoing development work.  They will only become more widely obtainable when published as ISO TS Standards thus giving TISA Members a very useful time advantage for their developments.

This significant TISA membership team work activity will form the technical basis of next generation TTI data services  based upon the TPEG1/2 technology toolkit.  Bev Marks TISA Executive Director said: “I believe this huge new set of TPEG specifications will be vitally important in forming the bedrock of service-client harmonised services and bring a particularly market driven focus derived from TISA Members vision to TTI data services.”

For more information please contact TISA Coordinator Amaury Cornelis.



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Original Publication Date: Fri 29 Oct 2010