Sukhdev Singh Phull, C-ITS and traffic management specialist at the Department for Transport (DfT) –a valued public authority member within the ERTICO Partnership – and vice-president of our innovation platform TN-ITS has been awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for his outstanding service to transport technology and his charitable endeavours through the Ekom Charity Trust.

The BEM, bestowed by the British monarch, honours individuals who have made exceptional contributions to their communities or their fields of expertise. Phull’s recognition reflects his dedication to improving transportation infrastructure, enhancing road safety, and providing vital services to underprivileged communities in Africa and India.

His passion for transport technology led him to establish the Ekom Charity Trust, which has been providing free eye treatment and prosthetic limbs to communities in need for over 14 years. The charity has conducted numerous projects in India, including free eye camps, artificial prosthetic limb camps, and road safety awareness campaigns.

Phull’s contributions to TN-ITS ERTICO’s innovation platform dedicated to developing and deploying intelligent transportation systems (ITS), have been instrumental in advancing the organization’s mission towards smarter, safer, and more inclusive mobility. As vice president, Phull plays a pivotal role in driving the platform’s initiatives forward, leveraging his expertise in both the transport and technology sectors.

“I am really delighted to have received the British Empire Medal for my contribution to transport technology and services carried out through Ekom Charity Trust, which I set up over 15 years ago with two other trustees. I am also grateful to the officials at the Department for Transport for nominating me for this award and for recognising my contribution”, declares Suku.

Phull’s commitment to enhancing TN-ITS, his exemplary representation of the UK public administration, his dedication to advocating for the interests and challenges of road authorities, and dedication to the welfare of disadvantaged communities have earned him well-deserved recognition from the British Crown.

Ensuring road safety is a core priority for both ERTICO and TN-ITS, and we are honoured to work with such devoted partners committed to this crucial cause. We extend our congratulations to Sukhdev Phull on his BEM award and applaud his outstanding contributions to transport technology, charitable work, and the TN-ITS platform.