TN-ITS, and ERTICO Innovation Platform, has recently assessed and benchmarked its strategy taking into account the ITS directive and the revised Delegated Regulation 2015/92 on Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI). The directive created by VVA in co-operation with ERTICO, presented “supporting study on activities 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 of the new working programme of the ITS directive” which contains conclusions that give guidance on the new TN-ITS strategy viewpoints.

The delegated regulation 2015/962 has also recently been published. It establishes the specifications necessary to ensure the accessibility, exchange, re-use and update of road and traffic data by road authorities, road operators and service providers for the provision of EU-wide real-time traffic information services. This new regulation impacts the ‘static data’ including ‘base-layer map related data’, which relates to TN-ITS activities and services.

The TN-ITS viewpoints document is a short summary of this strategy, highlighting the expected impacts and the opportunities that support the deployment of this strategy.

European standardised TN-ITS is a data exchange mechanism for publication ‘base layer data’ such as physical road infrastructure and related attributes like traffic signs, speed limits, in-maps. This data is used by in-car or mobile navigation applications.TN-ITS enabled map data guides the driver in an accurate way, maintaining the legally imposed road regulations.

These actions enable and support applications such as the European action ‘Go for Zero’, an awareness campaign aimed at reducing the number of road casualties on Flemish and European roads, and the planned introduction of ISA (Intelligent speed adaptation). TN-ITS is also a great enhancement for managing regulations for future CAD (Connected Automated Drive).

The TN-ITS platform was set up in 2013, to facilitate and foster the pan-European harmonised exchange of modifications in road data between road authorities as trusted and quality data provider and mapmakers and other parties as data users.

TN-ITS services are already active in Flanders, France, Finland, Norway and Sweden, with a total data update rate of more than 1 million per year and is further implemented in eight additional member states.

Road Authorities publish changes of road data as part of their ‘Map Base layer’ Digital Infrastructure data maintenance. Mapmakers retrieve, verify and integrate these changes in their databases and bring this to map users. Drivers can benefit from up-to-date fresh map data that will enable services like ISA (intelligent speed advice/adaptation), or will support driver/traveller information systems on any platform, including mobile devices.

TN-ITS, with its focus on the base layer map data, is compliant, coherent and complementary to other map data-related initiatives aimed at dynamic data information exchange, related to real time information with very short lifetimes.