The INSPIRE transportation pilot as driver for TN-ITS implementation TN-ITS aims to facilitate a future with highly up-to-date digital maps for ITS applications. The concept is pan-European exchange of ITS-related spatial data concerning updates of road attributes, between public road authorities (source of the changes) and ITS map providers. INSPIRE is the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community. TN-ITS and INSPIRE have teamed up in the joint Transportation Pilot, both to demonstrate the usability of INSPIRE in the ITS domain, and to initiate TN-ITS implementation in several selected European countries. The session sketched the background and reported on the results of the Pilot, provided an outline of the new EC Delegated Regulation on RTTI (which also addresses updates of static road data), featured the perspectives of two ITS map providers on TN-ITS data exchange and the Pilot, and finally provided views on spatial data for ITS from Japan and the USA, and highlighted related experience. For the list of speakers and the presentations, see the following page (under Miscellaneous): ITS World Bordeaux 2015 session and presentations

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