TNO, an ERTICO Partner in the Netherlands, is seeking input from cities in Europe for a short survey on light electric vehicles (LEVs) without a steering wheel or handlebars, specifically monowheels, one-wheeled vehicles and electric skateboards.

TNO is carrying out this survey for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management concerning regulation and safety of these types of ultra-light vehicles.

If you represent a City, Metropolitan or Regional authority in Europe, and you have knowledge of the usage and regulations affecting ultra-light electric micromobility in your city or country, we would welcome your contribution to this short survey:

The survey is in English and takes about 10 minutes. It covers which LEVs without steering wheel are allowed in your city, focusing on traffic safety and the role of your city or municipality.

Even if a city has no specific regulations in place regarding these vehicles, please still complete the questionnaire, as this is useful information for TNO’s study.

The deadline for a contribution to this study by 13 March 2023.

Source: TNO