On 14 November TomTom announced the launch of TomTom Route Monitoring (TOM2) in occasion of the Smart City World Congress in Barcelona.

TOM2 is designed to address the growing road congestion challenges faced by Smart Cities worldwide and helps traffic managers, event managers and emergency service dispatchers monitor travel times and delays on routes of interest – as they happen – and inform the public of delays and alternative routes through smartphones, in-car systems and variable message signs.

TomTom Route Monitoring is available on the recently announced TomTom Maps APIs Developer Portal.

According to a recent TomTom Traffic Index 2017 report, drivers in Mexico City spend an average of 66% extra time stuck in traffic. Drivers in London spend 40% of their time in traffic and in Barcelona its 31%. Cities invest in costly sensors to get traffic information, but to truly be a ‘smarter city’ they need to communicate it to road users. Road users have information to share about the network, but lack convenient ways to inform cities. With its enhanced traffic product suite, TomTom is helping to connect cities to people by collecting road speeds from millions of driver data points, aggregating this data, and enabling city authorities, event planners and emergency personnel to relay current conditions to drivers.

Photo credit: TomTom