TomTom and INRIX are pleased to announce an OpenLR Workshop, coinciding with ITS World Congress, at Detroit’s Cobo Center on Tuesday 9 September (from 10:00 to 13:00 EDT). This cost-free event will discuss the characteristics of OpenLR – the most widely adopted on-the-fly location referencing system that is compatible with any navigable digital map.


OpenLR is an open source royalty-free, dynamic location referencing method which enables reliable data exchange and cross-referencing using digital maps of different vendors and versions. OpenLR eliminates the need for developing and updating static reference tables and helps to enhance existing applications and generate opportunities for new services.


OpenLR frees its users from the costs and hassles of licenses and updates associated with many proprietary referencing systems. Automotive manufacturers, national and regional governments, radio broadcasters, navigation application manufacturers as well as traffic information service providers have recognized the limitations of other location referencing systems – most noticeably TMC.


Although several attempts have been made to provide an alternative that addresses the issues, none of them has so far been as widely adopted as OpenLR. Thus, TomTom and ININRIX are happy to jointly support the establishment of the OpenLR Consortium.


The event will address the key commercial and technical issues for service providers and traffic information users such as:


• What is the role of the Consortium and what does its formation mean for OpenLR users?

• Can I join the Consortium?

• Why should I integrate OpenLR if I already have a TMC location referencing system?

• Is OpenLR really available for free use?

• What are the IP limitations of OpenLR?

• What are the risks of OpenLR infringing other on-the-fly location referencing patents?

• Is OpenLR processor-hungry at server or device level?

• How does OpenLR compare to the promoted alternatives such as Agora-C or ULR?

• What tools and support are available to integrate OpenLR in my service?


There will be several speakers in addition to time for open discussion. Speakers already confirmed include:

• Thomas Kusche TISA president & Senior Editor at Westdeutscher Rundfunk

• Ralf-Peter Schäfer Head of TomTom Traffic & co-founder of OpenLR

• Andreas Hecht Vice President & General Manager, Automotive, INRIX


We expect the day to be informative and offer networking opportunities for organizations that share the same objective of offering excellent traffic information services to their customers.