TomTom (TOM2) announced a milestone in the roll-out of its new TomTom Orbis Maps. The maps now feature unprecedented coverage, including an industry-leading 86 million kilometers of transportation networks. Combining the best of open and proprietary data sources and adding advanced visualization, TomTom’s mapmaking platform delivers richer, fresher, and more visually attractive map content.

Drawing on the power of AI and machine learning, TomTom Orbis Maps taps into the richness of OpenStreetMap (OSM), with its millions of active editors. The company’s mapmaking platform integrates this ‘super source’ with many other public sources and proprietary data to create a map that can power the most advanced use cases ranging from on-demand services to automated driving.

TomTom’s new Orbis Maps are based on the standard specification as agreed and promoted by the Overture Maps Foundation, co-founded by TomTom, AWS, Meta, and Microsoft, bringing uniformity and consistency to location data. The scalable way in which it manages and aggregates data becomes even more powerful as TomTom’s mapmaking platform supports the flexibility for customers to add their proprietary data to the map and build custom solutions.

TomTom Orbis Maps also powers the company’s new premium map display solution that provides a more realistic view of the surroundings, enabling an impressively immersive 3D navigation experience for drivers. The highly customizable map visualization solution includes map elements such as lanes, buildings, vegetation, and atmospheric effects, and allows for an overlay of dynamic layers like traffic, EV, and other safety and comfort services.

“I’m extremely proud that we can offer maps that are rich, fresh, and versatile and are based on a standard that is increasingly adopted by the industry,” said Mike Schoofs, Chief Revenue Officer, TomTom. “We are working closely with companies ranging from startups to leaders in tech and automotive as we roll out our new maps. They all recognize the value TomTom Orbis Maps brings through high-quality, reliable maps that are easy to integrate and future-proof. TomTom is unlocking the power of collaborative mapmaking, leading to a map that is growing faster than any other.”

Source: TomTom