We’ve seen technology in cars come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades – just check out headlights as an example – but nowhere is innovation more apparent than when it comes to safety.

It’s now got to the point where manufacturers have gone beyond making their vehicles as tough as possible to keep you safe an accident, instead also designing cars to actively avoid accidents in the first place. We’re not just seeing crash prevention technology appear on high-end cars either, but across the spectrum.

Volvo City Safety

Swedish car maker Volvo was one of the first companies to introduce crash prevention technology, ten years ago in 2006.

Its City Safety technology is capable of braking automatically if the driver turns in front of an oncoming vehicle, potentially avoiding a head-on smash, and Volvo claims it’s the first system to automatically brake at intersections. Volvo has also designed City Safety to work with cars and vehicles traveling in the same direction, with a camera and radar integrated into the top of the windscreen.

Toyota Pre-Collision System

Toyota’s Pre-Collision System packs in a similar combination of radar and cameras to help its latest cars avoid accidents at all costs, with the technology splitting potential accidents into four distinct steps: The detection of a vehicle ahead, the possibility of a collision, the high possibility of a collision and collision is unavoidable.

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Photo credit: HERE360