Our tour to film the trials of the different ecoDriver systems continues in Stuttgart, at the premises of Daimler. Daimler produces world-wide brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Freightliner. Within the project, their main role is to integrate the system in heavy trucks.  

The project team includes specialists in both truck advanced engineering and telematics research. Their version of the ecoDriver system combines a haptic and graphical user interface which is implemented as prototype equipment within their trucks. Along these lines, the graphical user interface is implemented on a touch screen, while the haptic interface i.e.  the haptic acceleration pedal, replaces the series pedal.

Mario Aleksic, Telematic expert, drives us through the roads of an industrialised area in the outskirts of Stuttgart. He explains how much he likes the ecoDriver system, and particularly the haptic pedal, which warns him of intersections and traffic situations he cannot naturally foresee by just looking around. It could only be better, he explains, if it could also warn about upcoming red or green traffic lights!

Mario Aleksic drives the new Actros, a truck with 510 horsepower and an overall weight of about 30 tonnes. Even in this high-tech low-emissions kind of truck, the acceptance and fuel consumption studies carried out by Daimler prove that the driving style still plays a major role in energy efficiency. ecoDriver is, therefore, a valuable savings tool for fleet owners and truck drivers.

Roland Trauter, ecoDriver manager at Daimler, explains that the perks of eco-driving, and the ecoDriver system are not limited to desk study research. Daimler has carried out an acceptance study with professional truck drivers which have shown a substantial fuel saving effect, even in the case of experienced drivers. However, what might be even more relevant is that the 24 drivers hired for this study rated the system as excellent, after a whole day driving with its assistance.

SAMUEL: “I find it helpful that the system warns me when a vehicle or a curve is close. This helps me drive safely”- “I am really glad to have the opportunity of testing the ecoDriving system. I think it is performing really well, and it helps me become a better driver day by day.”

Selection of pictures and quotes

Roland Trauter (Manager Software Integration)

“Our ecoDriver prototype is a truck-specific application specifically dedicated to support truck drivers. It combines the use of a map-based electronic horizon with in-vehicle information to provide continuous guidance to the driver while driving. Unlike other varieties of the system, its focus is on continuous driving guidance and not so much on drivers rating”


Mario Aleksic  (Telematic Expert)

“This ecoDriver system has a haptic acceleration pedal, so I can easily keep the maximum speed on this road without looking at the speedometer.  Besides, if there is a situation in which I have to slow down, the acceleration pedal vibrates. That way I arrive to the obstacle or intersection at the optimum speed and save some fuel.”