The European Commission recently published the EU mobility transition pathway, an actionable plan co-created by the Commission with national and regional authorities, industry stakeholders, NGOs and other interested parties. It identifies, based on a bottom-up approach, the challenges, opportunities, conditions and actions needed by all parties to lead the green and digital transition and improve the ecosystem’s resilience, in line with the updated EU industrial strategy.

The mobility ecosystem covers the complete automotive, rail, waterborne and cycling value chains, including the related services, and is closely linked with other industrial ecosystems. It employs 17.6 million people and generates approximately €1.2 trillion contribution to the EU GDP (7.6% of EU total GDP).

The publication of the report marks the start of the co-implementation process with stakeholders expected to make pledges in line with the actions identified. The report will also be presented to all interested stakeholders during an event in Brussels on 29 February 2024. See the programme and registration form.

The European Commission will set up a Transition Pathway Stakeholder Support Platform to facilitate and monitor this process.

Source: European Commission