The Transport Systems Catapult has launched a first of its kind data facility which will bring together data from various sources to help address important challenges in transport.

The new Intelligent Mobility Data Hub provides a neutral, secure platform for transport organisations to allow innovators in the sector to access and analyse their data.

Currently, it stores many valuable data sets from Government organisations, transport and technology businesses, offering insights into traffic movement and haulage patterns, roadworks, emissions and anonymised mobile network data.

Businesses will be able to use the facility to work with SMEs and research organisations to create transport innovations. Existing data sets can be combined to help invent solutions for transportation issues such as congestion, pollution and journey planning.

“Data is the key which unlocks the door to transport innovation, but too often transport data is locked within commercial and technical siloes, inhibiting collaboration and innovation,” commented Transport Systems Catapult CEO Paul Campion.

“Utilising the TSC’s position as a neutral trusted broker, the new Intelligent Mobility Data Hub allows the UK transport industry to take a major step toward resolving this issue by enabling the analysis and combining of large data sets in a secure platform.

“This new facility will allow UK companies to grow by offering new services to travellers, unlocking the door to innovations which were not possible before,” he concluded.

Partners using the facility will also have access to powerful IT infrastructure for data analysis and a team of experts from the Transport Systems Catapult to help them. Furthermore the platform features highly secure storage and robust legal processes to ensure privacy and commercial confidentiality.

To discuss access to the facility either for data access or sharing you can make contact with the Catapult via

Original source: ITS UK Review