The Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) has highlighted the need for a shared vision across the UK transport sector in a new Technology Strategy for Intelligent Mobility. The TSC is warning that the UK could fail to capture a big enough share of a potential £900bn global Intelligent Mobility market, if its response to radical developments in the transport sector is slow and uncoordinated.

According to the TSC, the shift from traditional transport models to Intelligent Mobility is being driven by the digital revolution. It is expected that market spend will move away from traditional transport to service models akin to mobile phone contracts.

In the new Technology Strategy, the TSC has suggested eight Intelligent Mobility goals which provide focal points for innovation and investment and have also identified market sectors where the UK is best able to compete globally. The TSC will also work with partners in the Intelligent Mobility community to develop a series of unique assets, collectively labelled the “IM Integrated Test Environment”, which address areas where the UK needs to develop capability. The TSC is hoping that this will facilitate a more coordinated industry approach towards competing in the changing global transport industry.

The TSC has created an online repository of data, information and research to support the Technology Strategy for Intelligent Mobility ( and is inviting industry, academia and government to collaborate on its development.

Source and photo: Transport Systems Catapult