The transition to 5G is still underway; nevertheless, academia and industrial research centres are already looking for what comes next. The buzz regarding Beyond 5G is already building, and experts believe that this technology could finally unlock the internet’s almost magical potential.

Projects like Hexa-X-II, the second phase of the European 6G flagship initiative, hope to develop and present the European vision for the future of telecommunication networks, achieving a holistic 6G network that intends to provide an optimised digital transition.

Ubiwhere, a Portuguese digital SME, is focusing its research on telecommunications to help bring Beyond 5G into reality. Along with 43 other partners and under the coordination of Nokia, Ubiwhere is the only Portuguese company to be part of the Hexa-X-II project, where we hope to help establish the future architecture of 6G networks.

For Ubiwhere, the opportunity lies in being part of the future since its inception and the first discussion, helping technology reach high maturity levels and enabling the world’s evolution through digitalisation and sustainable transformations of established services. Aligned with the possibility of working alongside companies such as Nokia and Apple, Ubiwhere’s team hopes to showcase the company’s expertise and knowledge amongst its ranks.

We urge you to stay tuned to the development and outcomes of this project, along with the work Ubiwhere is doing in Beyond 5G.

Source: Ubiwhere