Ubiwhere was distinguished by IAPMEI’s quality of its performance and risk profile as Leader SME 2021 company statute. IAPMEI – Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação gave this recognition award, in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, Bank and Mutual Guarantee Societies.

The Leader SME 2021 company statute was launched by IAPMEI in 2008, under the FINCRESCE Programme, to distinguish companies with superior performance profiles, giving them notoriety and creating optimised financing conditions for them to develop their growth strategies and reinforce their competitive base. Through the Leader SME 2021 company statute, Ubiwhere benefits from increased notoriety in the market and special conditions in our partnership network’s access to financing and services. This distinction rewards Ubiwhere as a reference company in the national development context.

Ubiwhere received the attribution of Leader SME 2021 company statute 2021, following the quality of your performance and risk profile. This recognition is due to our superior performance as an SME, the success of our business strategy and the importance of our contribution to the national economy.

The strategic ambition and reinforcement of projects focused on sustainability were determining attributes to qualify Ubiwhere as Leader SME 2021. This award contributes to creating a stimulating environment for the development of our activities. The increase in notoriety will allow Ubiwhere to differentiate itself in its relations with the market.

Despite challenging years, where we live confined and work remotely, it is possible to look back and verify that Ubiwhere continued to create and innovate. Thanks to the support of our partners, the work of our employees and the appreciation of our customers, Ubiwhere has managed to get the prominence it deserves in the Portuguese business landscape.

With great satisfaction, Ubiwhere receives this distinction that fills us with pride and serves as motivation to continue to exceed expectations, start new projects, and set new goals.

Source: Ubiwhere