Ubiwhere presents POSER, a project about a decentralised approach to determining the location of devices in a trustworthy way. POSER’s main goal is to be a true geolocation developed for Smart Mobility.

The urban population continues to grow, challenging cities to find the right balance between urban development needs and global environmental changes. POSER can be a vital solution to balance this situation. This project by Ubiwhere consists of a Dynamic Proof-of-location. This secure, spatially distributed location system uses radio signals (from telecommunications equipment available in the urban environment) and clock synchronisation to determine one‘s location, similar to GPS, with places being claimed to a Helium blockchain.

This solution, which aims to improve the location proofing of the GoGreen application, is expected to be easily accepted in the market, mainly due to its adaptability to different applications requiring location proofing as incentives for transport use or fleet tracking, for example. Therefore it is expected to have a broad impact worldwide.

Go Green is a solution developed by Ubiwhere that encourages people to opt for more sustainable transportation options through incentives and challenges. Its rewards require the end-users to share their locations. Since such data can be spoofed, we have developed an innovative solution that improves trustworthiness and validates the end-users presence at certain geographic locations at a given time in a decentralised manner.

POSER uses the Helium network in which community device owners are incentivised through a crypto-economy powered by blockchain technology. This approach ensures transparency and security not widely available in the Internet of Things (IoT). POSER, combined with GoGreen, contributes to the Economy with new models and allows people to save money on transportation; Safety because it reduces the number of accidents; Environment because POSER is working to reduce emissions.

Source: Ubiwhere