The URSA MAJOR 2 Stakeholder Cooperation Workshop “The interface from TMPs to navigation services” – chaired by Hessen Mobil and held in the Frankfurt House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) on 28 April 2016 – brought together approx. 30 stakeholder experts from seven European countries to discuss the deployment of an interface from road operators’ Traffic Management Plans (TMP) to navigation services.

Using the results of the recently finalised German pilot project Lena4ITS as a starting point, experts from URSA MAJOR 2, CO-GISTICS and other projects like NAVIGAR or TCC2020, as well as representatives of relevant platforms like TM2.0 and spotlights from recent policy changes in the Netherlands, further leveraged by the current Council presidency (by Rijkswaterstaat) and the urban perspective on transferability (by OCA) were presented.

These results, conclusions and visions paved the ground for an intense open space session in the afternoon, were the participants discussed the main issues, potential blockers and enablers for a deployment of such an interface on large scale and in regular operation and products. As many projects in the last ten years had proven technical feasibility as well as a general mutual interest of stake­holders, the discussions focused on solutions for remaining concerns such as road operators and navigation service providers interests, common ground for mutual benefit that might foster the emergence of successful business models, end users acceptance of ‘road operator recommend routes’ and so on.

The findings, as well as all the agenda and presentations are available here.

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