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  • Viajeo Plus article on Thinking Highways

The article focuses on the upcoming city showcase, which will be held in Singapour on 16-17 November 2015. Singapore has provided many good solutions in the field of sustainable urban mobility that can become a source of inspiration for city authorities that want their transport network to become greener and more efficient.

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  • Ms. Liyuan Gong Discussed Big Data & Innovative Public Transport in Jinan, China

Liyuan Gong, Deputy Director of Transport Research Centre, City of Jinan, offered a seminar on “Big Data & Innovative Public Transport in Jinan” at the ERTICO premises. It was organised within the framework of “Engaging Cities” activities of the Viajeo Plus Project from 25th September to 22nd October.

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  • Sustainable urban transport, an important step towards climate change mitigation

Viajeo Plus organised the session “Making urban transport more sustainable to address the global challenge of climate change” during the ITS World Congress 2015, which took place in Bordeaux in early October.

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  • China’s investment in ITS is estimated to reach 180 billion RMB (30 billion USD) by 2020

Dr Wu Zhongze, Chairman of ITS China, explained that with the popularisation of mobile internet and cross-industry integration, ITS is now providing strong support to manage Chinese cities’ huge traffic volumes and complex transport operations.

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  • Singapore, Smart Nation

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has highlighted the potential of his city-state to become a testing ground for computer scientists and engineers. Singapore’s compact size and ability to scale new projects makes it suitable for prototyping and test-bedding innovations.

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  • Vehicle automation, in the spotlight during the first Viajeo Plus webinar

Viajeo PLUS and the VRA project held together a webinar on “Vehicle Automation: Challenges and Opportunities for Cities”. It focused on cities’ experiences in the deployment of driverless transport systems both from a political, economic and social perspective.

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  • From Technology to Mobility Solutions for Cities: Cooperative ITS

Viajeo Plus organised a webinar on Cooperative ITS in cooperation with the Compass4D project. Under the heading “From Technology to Mobility Solutions for Cities”, it provided an overview on priorities for decision-makers at European and local level.

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  • Towards Sustainable City Logistics

Urban freight and city logistics are central to the economy, but face economic and environmental challenges. The main goals of sustainable city logistics measures and projects are related to congestion and pollution reduction while giving a new impulse to commercial activities. Along these lines, Viajeo PLUS organised a webinar on Sustainable City Logistics.

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  • Singapore city showcase: 16-17 November 2015

Viajeo PLUS is organising a city showcase in November 2015 in Singapore. The event will focus on presenting Singapore’s achievements in sustainable urban mobility to European stakeholders, facilitating cooperation between the EU and Singapore in urban mobility. The event is organised by UITP, in cooperation with many Singarpore stakeholders such as Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

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  • EU-Brazil Technology and Innovation Forum

The 2nd EU-Brazil Technology and Innovation Forum is organized by B.BICE+ consortium in Brussels (Belgium) on 23-24 November 2015, as a continuation of the first EU-Brazil Technology and Innovation Forum held in September 2014 in Belém which gathered 189 research and innovation stakeholders from Brazil and Europe.

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