The Viajeo Plus project was present at two major events held in Brazil in March 2015: the City Mobility Week of Latin America and the conference on public transport organised by the UITP.

The City Mobility Week of Latin America took place in Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo from 23 to 25 March 2015. The event aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange and experience sharing between Latin America and Europe on sustainable urban mobility.

One of the key concept discussed was that of smart city, according to which cities should be structured through the development of communication and information technologies, as well as the optimisation of public transport and investment in sustainable transport solutions, such as electric vehicles.

Furthermore, Dr. Augusto de Albuquerque, EU delegate to Brazil explained the achievements and planned activities of EU-Brazil cooperation. 

During the workshop, implemented systems, services or measures from all over the world were presented. In addition, the hosting cities Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo showcased their innovative mobility solutions. These and other major Brazilian cities such as Belo Horizonte and Cariacica shared their experiences with the European cities attending the event.

The Deputy Secretary of Transport of São Paolo, Mr. José Evaldo Gonçalo opened the last day conference together with the Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas’ director Dr. Landgraf and Prof. Moacyr Martucci.

After this, Viajeo Plus partners were invited to participate in the Innovations in Transport for Smart Cities seminar, organised within the UITP Latin America Conference, which was held in Sao Paulo between 26 and 27 March.

The events participants discussed the need to boost smart investments in urban infrastructure and services to tackle important challenges such as traffic, pollution and accesibility, increasing thereby the life quality of urban dwellers

The Conference gathered several Latin America and European stakeholders who could share their knowledge about the latest developments on urban mobility, with a particular focus on public transport systems as the backbone of an efficient urban mobility system.

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