Volkswagen, together with Uber, is launching a pilot project that will use electric vehicles within a sustainable taxi service, called “Uber Green”. The e-Golf, a zero-emission alternative in the Volkswagen model range, is now available in the city of Berlin. The objective of the pilot project is to use a number of one year-old e-Golf cars as part of the service. It is hoped that in the future this number may run to thousands. The pilot project will run in Berlin first, and then potentially will expand to other European cities. Volkswagen has already been using the e-Golf successfully in its own car-sharing service We Share since 2018.

Holger B. Santel, Head of Sales and Marketing Germany for the Volkswagen Passenger Car brand, said: “Through our cooperation with Uber, we are helping to improve air quality in urban areas with our locally carbon-neutral electric vehicles. In addition, with the growing number of battery-electric vehicles used in this taxi service, we will gain valuable experience which we will be able to use for the development of future vehicles.”

As part of its e-offensive, the Volkswagen brand plans to offer electric cars in all major vehicle segments by 2022. Volkswagen aims to become the world market leader in e-mobility in the coming years and is investing 33 billion euros group-wide by 2024, 11 billion of which will be invested by the Volkswagen brand alone. The Volkswagen brand expects to produce 1.5 million e-cars in 2025.