Chalmers and Volvo Group have renewed their partnership agreement for another three years. Electrification and hydrogen, automation, digitalization, traffic safety and circularity are areas that will be in focus during the period. The agreement was signed on 29th November by Lars Stenqvist, Executive Vice President at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, and Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO at Chalmers.

“Volvo Group is one of Chalmers’ most important partners”, says Stefan Bengtsson. “The agreement means a continuation of our extensive collaboration, which has been including both research, education and utilisation for a long time. This strategic partnership provides contact with relevant issues, contributes to our utilisation and makes Chalmers better in many ways.”

The transport industry is in the middle of a very rapid transformation, where electrification, automation and digitization are important parts. “To manage this, we need more research, more trained engineers within these areas and a constant competence development among our employees,” says Lars Stenqvist. “The collaboration with Chalmers is, therefore, more important than ever within all these areas.”

The first strategic partnership agreement between Volvo Group and Chalmers started in 2009. Since then, it has been renewed periodically. “For us, the partnership means, among other things, that we have greater access to researchers”, says Lars Stenqvist. “It also means that we can actively take part in the design of education, to ensure the supply of competence in the form of both new recruitments and further learning.”
Like before, the Transport Area of Advance is hosting the partnership.

“Chalmers and Volvo Group have a long history of successful collaboration, including everything from student projects and doctoral projects to major national and international research initiatives”, says Sinisa Krajnovic, Director of Transport Area of Advance.

”One example is the student projects that Chalmers, Volvo Group and prominent universities abroad have carried out together for several years. Another example is the research collaborations that we and other Swedish actors have with partners in India and China.”

“We will now continue to strengthen our collaboration within competence centres, use of our joint research infrastructure and research projects, within Horizon Europe for example. There is great common potential in areas such as traffic safety, electrification, research on hydrogen vehicles and circularity”, says Sinisa Krajnovic.

Source: Chalmers

​Photo: Henrik Sandsjö