SYSTEMS: Wearable technology has a problem. As much as its champions and manufacturers try to evangelise, it just isn’t particularly cool at the moment. That’s “cool” for the vast majority of people, rather than those who think anything new on the tech circuit is “cool”. As a result, winning the hearts and minds of the lay person will be as big a challenge as dreaming up and creating the very devices expected to hit the market in the years to come. Read more on The Telegraph

Until quite recently, if you saw someone with an electronic bracelet, it could denote one of only two things.

Either you were watching Doctor Who or some other sci-fi nonsense, in which case, have a word with yourself and stop goggling at children’s TV.

Or it meant you were looking at a person who had been electronically tagged by the prison service, meaning that they could complete their rehabilitation/rob petrol stations only within 500 metres of their home.

And then along came the Fitbit, for instance.

Read more on The Telegraph

NB: Wearable technology image via Shutterstock.

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