Webinar Date: Sep 10 2013

2:00pm BST/3:00pm CET/9:00am EDT/8:00am CDT

Research Manager Praveen Chandrasekar and Industry Analyst Neelam Barua have completed extensive analysis on the Vehicle Parking Management Systems Market. The research experts will lead a short teleconference about new findings that affect the market, followed by a live question-and-answer session.

You Will Discover:

With changing parking industry dynamics, vehicle ownership patterns and growing numbers of car- and bike-sharing users, this briefing is an important effort to understand the Mega Trends shaping the future of mobility, designating parking as an important entity for cities and society. The briefing will highlight the key findings of future vehicle parking management systems in North America and Europe.

Benefits for Invitees:

  • Understand the changing dynamics in the parking industry
  • Introduction to emerging parking management systems
  • Comparative analysis of solutions and strategies of key industry participants
  • Understand the growing interest among automotive OEMs to invest in parking industry
  • New mobility business models – Collaborative parking sharing
  • Special focus on parking apps and solution providers
  • Strategic alliances within parking industry
  • Growth opportunities and future outlook in North America and Europe

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