VRA Webinar on Friday (28/03/2014) 14:30-15:30 

Dr. Adriano Alessandrini (Citymobil2 project coordinator) will discuss the following points:
– How will the urban ecosystem change once the road vehicles will drive themselves?
– What will be the impact of these changes on industry, citizens and urban life-style?

The Citymobil2 project, focusing on putting fully automated road transport systems in the market, started to reflect on what the consequences of this sudden shift toward automation will be for cities and beyond.

Far from having an answer for all questions, the project has so far prepared a “blue-print” in which automation take-up scenarios are investigated and main drivers and potential consequences of each are sketched. The project will bring experts together (end of summer 2015) to discuss the scenarios in a Delphi procedure and any contribution from industries, cities and transport operator is essential.

A Q&A session moderated by Maxime Flament will conclude the webinar.


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Original author: Davide Brizzolara