MARKETING: Big Data, “Do No Evil” and privacy… But also innovation, evolution and open web (and lives). These are issues that are synonymous with how the web is developing and how we, as its users, interact with it. At the centre (in vast parts of the world) of it all is Google. What it does with our data is both fascinating and, depending on your point of view, terrifying. Read more on O’Reilly.

Despite some misgivings about the company’s product course and service permanence, my relationship with Google is one of mutual symbiosis.

I was even an early and fanatical user of Google Wave.

Its “better mousetrap” approach to products and services, the width and breadth of online, mobile, and behind-the-scenes offerings saves me countless hours every week in exchange for a slice of my private life, laid bare before its algorithms and analyzed for marketing purposes.

Read more on O’Reilly

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