itso-master-nostrapDo you know which ITS systems and services you should invest in to achieve your priority policy goals?  Or how much CO2 saving can be achieved with a specific type of ITS?

Do you know who are the suppliers of the most effective ITS solutions?  Do you know which are the latest trends in ITS, and where you can see them deployed? If you answer “no” to at least one of the questions, the European ITS Observatory is made for decision-makers and practitioners like you!

Intelligent mobility technologies have been around since more than 20 years, but evidence of their effectiveness and benefits is still insufficient to be certain that they will meet your needs. As a result, many deployment projects “reinvent the ITS wheel” instead of re-using proven solutions. The ITS Observatory project aims to bridge this knowledge deficit through its innovative software tools for gathering, processing and delivering insights for ITS stakeholders.

ITS Observatory is a 2 year support action which aims to develop a flexible and user friendly, intelligent tool able to provide accessible and comprehensible information on Intelligent Transport Systems as developed and deployed in Europe.

The ITS Observatory will alleviate existing gaps and fragmentation of the European ITS landscape by providing decision makers and related stakeholders with access to reliable, and comprehensive information on outcomes (benefits and impacts) of existing and ongoing ITS deployment, supporting them at the same time in developing fact-based policy objectives and strategies.

The main objectives are the following:

  1. To bridge knowledge fragmentation across Europe by creating a common EU-wide database for ITS.
  2. To support ITS deployment by creating an intelligent software platform, comparing results of research, pilots, deployment projects.
  3. To create a user-friendly decision support tool for fact-based policy making.

The ITS Observatory will be a one-stop resource on ITS in Europe. You are more than welcome to help us build it and shape it according to your needs. Join the ITS Observatory community!