The World Summit Awards value projects that are examples of a technological vanguard that can positively impact society. The Ubiwhere Urban Platform was considered one of these projects and is one of the five winning solutions in the ‘Government & Citizen Engagement’ category was highlighted at the WSA Global Congress between March 22nd and 24th.

The World Summit Awards are responsible for giving unique and innovative technology-based awards that have as their primary focus the election and promotion of digital innovation to improve society. Out of 182 participating countries, Ubiwhere’s Urban Platform was one of the five winners in the “Government & Citizen Engagement” category at the WSA 2021. For Ubiwhere, this victory is an honour, and a synonym of great dedication since our solution for Smart Cities was awarded by the WSA National Experts from Portugal and the international WSA Grand Jury. Our solution has been recognised for its remarkable technological innovation and its pioneering approach that contributes to the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The WSA Global Congress took place in an online format between 22nd and 24th March. The event is an international training and networking learning event for those interested in using digital technology. The Ubiwhere Urban Platform is a Portuguese solution among the winning projects that demonstrate the diversity and richness of digital content solutions worldwide.

On 24th March, Ubiwhere’s Urban Platform as the winning solution of the WSA 2021 will have its spotlight at this year’s edition of the WSA Global Congress. Ubiwhere will be represented at the event in the panel “Hack Citizen Gaps | Innovation Pitches Government & Citizen Engagement” and will have to present the best of its award-winning technological innovation to an international jury of experts. This presentation will last three minutes, and the aim is to impress. The other winning solutions from this category at the WSA 2021 will be represented in this same panel:

After the presentations, there will be a plenary discussion with the winners of the category “Government & Citizen Engagement” led by Margus Mägi, Chief Advisor of eGovernment of Estonia and Marta Tomovska, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Serbia. This way and after this session, the Ubiwhere Urban Platform, as the winning solution of the WSA 2021, may still be awarded as WSA Global Champion of its category at the WSA Global Congress Awards Ceremony.

Source: Ubiwhere