Join the MOBiNET workshop and webinar!

14 October 2014, 09.00 – 13.00
Kjellerups Torv
Aalborg, Denmark

Whether you provide, develop or use online services for transport and travel, this workshop is important for you and your business!

Connected travel and transport services are typically proprietary and few offer truly Europe-wide coverage or interoperability. Users need significant effort to discover these services. The same is true for developers who want to expand their business and customer base. Service providers wishing to enhance their products with new content, technologies or third-party services need to search and negotiate case-by-case.

MOBiNET provides an e-marketplace to connect different business actors, e.g. transport data suppliers, fleet operators, network managers and service providers, willing to develop or expand their offer in the transport and mobility domain. Sellers and buyers can publish and trade data and services, discover and re-use third-party content to create new services for their customers; and contractual (service level agreements, billing & clearing) and legal (liability, privacy, certification) aspects are managed automatically. This will open an ‘Internet of Mobility’ offering a wide range of innovative applications for business users, commuters and travellers, and a gateway to millions of potential customers across Europe for service providers.

The creation of an open marketplace for local or Europe-wide providers calls for the establishment of a suitable legal organisation, with clear rules and common practice among the members, to provide a trusted and stable business environment. Be among the founding members and of the future MOBiNET operational platform: join the MOBiNET Community forum! Become an “approved” provider and help set up the rules, agree on the mission and strategic vision.

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