The world’s largest cooperation platform that brings together mobility data platforms has officially kicked off! NAPCORE (the National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe) will coordinate and harmonise more than 30 mobility data platforms all over Europe.

NAPCORE is a project to coordinate the European National Access Points (NAPs) and National Bodies (NBs) established under the ITS Directive and its delegated acts, which require that each European Member State must establish a National Access Point for mobility data. To empower the NAPs as the backbone for ITS digital infrastructure, NAPCORE will build on the results of (among others) three previous ERTICO-supported projects, TN-ITSTN-ITS GO, and EU-EIP.


Co-financed by a Programme Support Action under the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility, NAPCORE has been launched as a coordination mechanism to improve interoperability of the National Access Points as the backbone of European mobility data exchange. NAPCORE improves the interoperability of mobility-related data in Europe with mobility data standard harmonisation and alignment. Also, NAPCORE increases access to and expands availability of mobility-related data by coordinated data access and better harmonisation of the European NAPs. Furthermore, NAPCORE empowers NAPs and NBs by defining and implementing common procedures and strategy, strengthening the position and the role of NAPs, and supporting steps towards the creation of European-wide solutions to better facilitate the use of EU-wide data.

NAPCORE has been created in this spirit of consultation and cooperation and it includes 36 participants: 33 beneficiaries covering 26 EU Member States and 3 associated partners, and ERTICO is proud to be one of those participants. The initial runtime of the Programme Support Action is until the end of 2024 but the goal is to establish a long-lasting and future-oriented platform organisation.

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