Complete Session Schedule Available – This Year’s Program Promises to Outdo the Last

by Mollie M. Wagoner

After an intense review process the final papers for the 2013 European ITS Congress have been chosen. The papers represent a wide array of ITS expertise and innovation from across Europe the diverse topics and authors promise interesting sessions for this year’s Congress. With almost 300 selected papers there are over 100 sessions planned for the four day congress including Executive Sessions Special Interest Sessions Host Sessions Interactive Presentations Technical and Scientific sessions and Plenary Sessions. Attendees of this year’s congress will represent the multiple ITS industry stakeholders including industry leaders top researchers university professors local municipal and top government officials and European politicians from all levels.

The 2013 ITS European Congress schedule is now available on the congress website. The online schedule is interactive and offers a brief description and overview of the congress sessions. For more information please visit our website:

Dublin Ireland 4-7 June 2013 

Plenary Sessions

At each ITS Congress three Plenary Session are held over the course of the programme. These sessions act as a forum of healthy debate within the ITS community in hopes of parking new ideas and solutions in the ITS field. Each year the Plenary sessions host a unique group of VIPs who have special and differing insights into the world of ITS this year is no different.

The first Plenary Session set to take place during the opening ceremony will look at ‘ITS deployment success stories’. This Session will bring together the European Commission the Member States and ITS supply industries to review deployment success stories focus on the common elements in delivery strategies and discuss how to ensure a lasting cooperation between the various actors for a successful implementation. Speakers include Siim Kallas EC Vice President and European Commissioner for Transport Jean Mesqui Chairmen of ERTICO’s Supervisor Board Martin Friewald Head of the Department of Road Transport for the German Federal Ministry of Transport Building and Urban Development Manfred Swarovski Chairmen and Founder of Swarco Holdings AG and Abel Caballero Mayor of Vigo Spain.

The second Plenary Session will focus on ‘Real ITS solutions for real city needs’. Sustainable development of urban areas is essential and requires an integrated policy approach using efficient and user-friendly technologies and services for water energy transport waste management and ICT. The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) aims to integrate the Energy Transport and Industrial Technologies parts of the Horizon 2020 programme. This Session will begin with an update on the SCC programme. City policy-setters and service providers will then describe the state of the art integrating services and how providing them can improve a local economy increase the quality of life allow businesses to test new solutions and improve the wider economy. Speakers include Robert Madelin – Director-General of DG CONNECT Matthias Ruete – Director-General of DG MOVE Michael Phillips – Director of Traffic and City Engineer for the City of Dublin Ville Lehmuskoski – Head of Transport Planning for the City of Helsinki Lisa Amini – Director of IBM Research Ireland and Hauke Jürgensen – CEO of Intelligent Traffic Systems Siemens AG.

The third and final Plenary Session will take place during the Closing Ceremony of the congress. It will focus on ‘Strategic views on ITS innovation’. Chief Rapporteur (Eric Sampson) will present the congress conclusions based on inputs prepared by a team of Rapporteurs.

Executive Sessions

Over the course of the congress nine Executive Sessions have been organised. Executive Sessions are a chance for industry executives and public officials to share their experience of ITS deployment and innovation. These sessions provide an exciting chance to gain insight into the future of ITS from those at the forefront of the industry.

Some of the topics of this year’s executive session include: addressing ITS challenges in peripheral regions smarter travel main drivers behind the ITS industry sustainable urban and regional areas delivery of road charging systems and ITS for personal use.

Special Interest and Stakeholder Workshops

This year’s European Congress will host almost 80 Special Interest Session. These special sessions are created at the request of different organizations or experts who develop or deploy ITS. These sessions are interactive and tailor-made to offer the audience fresh perspectives on the ITS industry. Hosts vary from research institutions to universities to state transportation authorities.

Topics of the Special Interest Sessions vary from energy efficiency  to traveller information services to urban mobility solutions to pre-commercial procurement to regional tolling and hinterland transport for European ports. The large number of diverse topics ensures that there will be something for everyone.

This year’s Host ITS Dublin are also putting on four unique sessions during the congress. The first is aimed at demonstrating real solutions where policy-driven ITS deployments have led to significant benefits in road safety reducing emissions and improving journey times for motorists. The second allows a chance for Irish companies that participate in research and development related to ITS to present their findings and case studies. The third will focus on smarter travel specifically related to how ITS deployment has lead to significant socio-economic benefits by encouraging individuals to adopt alternative modes of transportation. The fourth and final session deals with policy-driven ITS deployment and the positive impacts on public transportation.

Technical/Scientific Sessions and Interactive Sessions  

These sessions are composed of presentations by international experts on different ITS related topics encompassing all technical economic organisational and societal aspects of ITS. The aim of these sessions is to encourage and enable the exchange of information on deployment ranging from improving the operational use of systems and services on the one hand to research and planning to support new applications on the other.

Interactive sessions provide a unique opportunity for the audience to deepen their understanding of ITS innovation. Interactive Sessions are held in a two-stage workshop format. The first stage is a regular presentation in which technical and scientific papers addressing the same issue are grouped together allowing discussion on the topic. In each 90-minute session there will be at least 10 three minute presentations with no time for questions and answers. This stage is meant to give the audience a flavour of what the authors have to present. The second 90-minute stage immediately follows the presentations; all of the authors will be available for a more personal and in-depth question and answer period between speakers specialists and delegates.

Ancillary Events

There will be several ancillary events at the congress each focusing on European co-funded projects. Some events include a COSMO/Compass4d workshop where partners will openly discuss concrete deployment of cooperative systems in European cities a stakeholder workshop focusing on eCoMove and eCoDriver FOT-Net stakeholder workshop and many others.

From 4 to 9 June Dublin will also play host to the European Space Expo a free interactive exhibit illustrating the innovations in the European space programmes. Delegates are more than welcome to visit the exhibit in addition to the congress.

Technical Visits

Delegates are invited to attended technical visits coordinated through the congress. These technical tours take delegates to visit some of the many examples of innovative ITS deployment throughout Ireland. Some visits include the Port Tunnel and a tour of IBM’s first Smarter Cities Technology Centre.


There will be a number of different demonstrations put on by companies and research groups on the cutting edge of ITS. Stop by and witness some of the innovations and advances made in ITS this year.


The exhibition will be open every day of the congress. Come by to see some of the biggest players in ITS and what they have been working on. See the main themes of the congress; sustainable city regions smarter travel knowledge-sharing competitiveness through innovation and peripheral regions; come to life at the exhibition site. Meet and talk to enthusiastic representatives from a variety of fields within ITS.

For the press and media

Press and media professionals can attend the congress free of charge on the presentation of their press pass and have free access to the exhibition area and congress sessions. As every year ccongress organisers have arranged a fully equipped press room with free Wi-Fi access devoted solely to journalists and media.  

Irish Night

Come and see what makes Ireland unique! Our Irish Night allows you to enjoy Ireland’ s famous hospitality food music conversation and ‘craic’ at the Guinness Storehouse – home of the drink that is famous around the world. You can enjoy some of the best in Irish traditional music and dance as well as get an in-depth appreciation of how Guinness is made. You’ll also get the chance to pour or ‘pull’ your own pint and even learn a few Irish set dances. The night offers you a chance to discuss work with colleagues in an informal setting with areas available for networking. 

Mobil App

Download the new “ITS Congress App” for this year’s congress! This app will keep you up to date on all congress activities with a live newsfeed on events and access to the interactive programme in your pocket. Find your way around the convention centre and beyond with ease by using the mobile maps and public transportation information. You will even be able to construct your very own schedule so you can be sure to attend all the sessions that take your interest with additional information on the speakers provided. Want to set up a meeting with a speaker you just heard? Using the mobile app’s networking abilities you will be able to connect with speakers and other delegates. Get the most out of this year’s congress download the mobile app!

Congress Dates:  Dublin Ireland 4-7 June 2013 

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