Earlier this month Pierfrancesco Maran, city councillor for Mobility and Environment, presented Milan’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), outlining proposals for shared transport  initiatives, the creation of ‘low emission zones’ and an extension of metro and tram lines.

After months of preparation and discussion with city representatives and experts, overseen by a scientific committee, the SUMP’s release projects both a redesign of mobility in Milan, and a redefinition of the city’s boundaries.

The first stage will see the current metro network strengthened, with the extension of some lines that will go beyond the municipal boundaries. In addition, a sixth line will be designed, which will cross the city from north-west to south-east. The tram network will also be extended and interchanges with metro stations will be created.

With the goal of reducing the environmental impact of cars, the SUMP will see the creation of a ‘low emission zone’, complete with electronic gates able to monitor compliance with the rules adopted by the Lombardy Region.

Bicycle and car-sharing initiatives will be improved, while a scooter-sharing scheme will be introduced in March 2016.

Original author: Alexia