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For any questions that could not be dealt with during this webinar or in case you would like to receive the recordings of this webinar, please contact m.derycke@mail.ertico.com.

ERTICO ITS Europe – Brussels : Over 80 participants  from all continents participated in an ERTICO webinar dedicated to Gamification. The webinar took place on 2 October 2013 and was moderated by Richard Harris from ERTICO Partner Xerox Services. The transport sector, public authorities, the developers of games applications in the field of ITS and the digital content providers across emergent and established platforms were represented in the presentations. 

Presentations were made by moderator Richard Harris; Gary Bridgeman of Hodos Media Ltd.; Charles Hunter of Mudlark and Professor Glenn Lyons of UWE. Marcel Meeuwsissen of the City of Enschede was represented in the webinar by Richard Harris.

Gamification is nowadays increasingly being debated in the mainstream media and also in the ITS World the significance of Gamification is becoming evident. The webinar built further on the Gamification session that was held at the 9th ITS European Congress that took place in Dublin in June 2013. It represented the latest thinking and advancemenets in gamification, social media and the design of the user interaction. The webinar presented evidence on the use of gamification in transport and ITS and examined its future prospects.

The session was concluded with an extensive Q&A session. The presenters are so kind to continue answering any more questions you may have and that were not dealt with during the webinar. Please address the questions to Maria De Rycke (m.derycke@mail.ertico.com). The answer to your questions will be published shortly within the news section of the ERTICO Network website.

Presentations :

Richard Harris, Solution Director Xerox Services, UK
Gamification potential 1.-Richard-Harris—ERTICO-Gamification-webinar—2-Oct-2013.pdf

Gary Bridgeman, CEO, Hodos Media Ltd. – UK
Reality is broken, why we all are gamers – and how they can change our behaviour. 2.-Gary-Bridgeman—ERTICO-Gamification-webinar—2-Oct-2013.pdf

Charles Hunter, Co-founder and Managing Director, Mudlark – UK
The Joy of UX – A Journey into User-Centric Game Design.  3.-Charles–Hunter—ERTICO-Gamification-webinar—2-Oct-2013.pdf

Professor Glenn Lyons, Associate Dean & Professor of Transport and Society, UWE Bristol – UK
Social Media in Transport: Evolution or Revolution? 4.-Glenn-Lyons—ERTICO-Gamification-webinar—2-October-2013.pdf

Richard Harris on behalf of Marcel Meeuwissen, Senior Advisor Traffic and Transportation, City of Enschede – The Netherlands
Challenges and competition to change mobility behaviour 5.-Marcel-Meeuwissen—ERTICO-Gamificatio-webinar—2-October-2013_20131003-123457_1.pdf