Intelligent Transport Systems and Services showcased in Vienna

Vienna 22 October 2012. Today the 19th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) in Vienna kicked off under the theme “Smarter on the way”. Over five days over 300 exhibitors and 10000 participants from more than 90 countries worldwide will attend this annual meeting point of transport executives from around the globe. Held in Europe once every three years the Congress showcases the latest ITS products and services and share high-tech transport insights.  

Siim Kallas Vice-President European Commission:  “An efficient reliable and sustainable transport system is at the heart of Europe’s competitiveness. Intelligent Transport systems and innovation in technology and services are key enablers for tomorrow’s integrated European transport system.  Today’s priority is to speed up and coordinate ITS deployment. For that a close relationship with industry partners and relevant public stakeholders is essential – a message that the ITS World Congress strongly reinforces.”

Intelligent Transport Systems and Services are the integration of information and communication technologies in various transport modes. Examples of these include high-tech technologies enabling vehicles to cooperate and “talk” to each other electronic tolling solutions advanced driver assistance systems real time traffic and travel information services and advanced safety systems. The continuing goal of the World ITS Congress is to promote awareness and deployment of these promising technologies for all transport modes. Of particular interest is the fact that the Congress already “lives” ITS – the “Kongressnavigator” app offers real-time multi-modal traveller information services a ticketing tool and also allows you to arrange your personal congress agenda! Available for iPhone Android and Mobile Web.

Doris Bures Minister of Transport Innovation and Technology (Austria) said “Vienna is a great choice for the 19th ITS World Congress being at the forefront of ITS R&D and deployment. What’s needed now is to implement ITS in real transport systems because they constitute an important basis for multimodal yet individual mobility. This requires excellent cooperation between all players and technologies and that brings us back to the idea of making the Congress more political. One way we’ll do this is with the Ministerial Round Table scheduled this afternoon. In this roundtable 13 Ministers 5 Vice-Ministers and 15 high level political leaders from throughout the world will meet to develop recommendations for improving international cooperation. I am convinced this will be an important step towards better transnational collaboration.”

Speaking at the Congress Opening Ceremony Jean Mesqui (ASFA) Chairman of ERTICO – ITS Europe said: “The ITS World Congresses are a vital means of promoting the efficacy and economy of ITS in achieving transport goals working towards a world with zero accidents zero delays reduced impact on the environment fully informed people where services are affordable and seamless privacy respected and security ensured”

The ITS World Congress takes place 22-26 October at the Messe Wien and comprises an exhibition area with over 300 companies a congress with over 3000 delegates and 200 sessions exploring all aspects of transport grouped under six broad topics state-of-the-art demonstrations including e-Mobility cooperative systems and public transport and many ancillary events. The European Commission is also fully participating at the ITS World Congress with a large exhibit many speakers and its “Intelligent Transport Conference”.

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About ITS Congresses

To share knowledge and experience within the ITS community is seen as a must in the development and implementation of ITS technologies. In that regard European and World Congresses provide the ideal opportunity for all players of the ITS world to come together and make the necessary contacts to help move initiatives forward. Over the years they have also received the highest support throughout the ITS world from government industry and other organisations.

ERTICO – ITS Europe ITS America and ITS Japan work closely together in the preparation of the annual ITS World Congress and Exhibition attracting people. Each year the event takes place in a different region and it is held in Europe every third year. Valuable support is also provided by the host region including by the national ITS association of the country. European ITS Congresses that bring together over 1500 people are organised by ERTICO – ITS Europe in years when there is not an ITS World Congress in Europe. In 2013 the World ITS Congress will take place in Tokyo Japan and the European ITS Congress in Dublin Ireland.



About ITS and ERTICO

ERTICO – ITS Europe is a multi-sector public/private partnership pursuing the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS). We connect public authorities industry players infrastructure operators users national ITS associations and other organisations together and work to bring “Intelligence into Mobility”.

The ERTICO work programme focuses on initiatives to improve road safety security and network efficiency whilst taking into account measures to reduce environmental impact. Our vision is of a future transport system working towards zero accidents zero delays and fully informed people where services are affordable and seamless the environment is protected privacy is respected and security is provided.

About BMVIT the hosts of the 2012 ITS World Congress

BMVIT (Austrian Ministry for Transport Innovation and Technology) hosts the ITS World Congress in Vienna. In the last ten years the Ministry invests 100 Mio in Research and Development of Intelligent Transport Systems and Electromobility. The Austrian ITS Action Plan is mainly influenced by the European Commission’s Transport White Paper and sets forth a vision for using ITS in three priority areas: safety efficiency and environment. ITS must help to achieve “vision zero” goal in each of these areas. ITS must help to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries ITS must help to provide smooth and uninterrupted traffic flow even in dense traffic a vision that includes considering how to optimise traffic between modes and finally ITS must help to reduce emissions and negative environmental impacts.


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Original Publication Date: Mon 29 Oct 2012