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Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia CALL FOR PAPERS ISEP 2013 21st International Symposium on Electronics in Transport ITS IN REAL-TIME 25 – 26 March 2013 at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre Ljubljana Slovenia

The Slovenian ITS Association under the umbrella of the Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia is organising the 21st International Symposium on Electronics in Transport – ISEP which promotes a strategic objective of integrating and strengthening the European Research Area in Slovenia as well as in the other member States Accession States and in some nearby countries.

The theme of the 2013 Symposium is “ITS in Real-Time”. This theme brings focus to the importance of real-time connections between different means of transport (vehicles trains ship planes etc.) personal devices and infrastructure. Especially because travellers can benefit from real-time multimodal information which leads to more efficient and eco-friendly choices regarding travel routes and modal choices. 

Data generated by connected transport and user systems can provide transport operation centres with detailed real-time data on traffic volumes speeds transit schedule status parking availability evolving weather conditions and other traffic route conditions. This information can be used to optimise transit capacity traffic signal timing corridor management incident and emergency response times variable speed limits dynamic road pricing and road weather surface treatments and can improve real-time travel alerts and advisories.  Freight and passenger transportation organisations will also find that the seamless real-time information exchanges between different means of transport and infrastructure translates into greater economic productivity administrative cost savings and profits.

On the other hand it is of great importance to establish a research network in Slovenia and nearby countries in the area of ITS and to tie it to European and regional research. Each of you will come with your own aspirations to the Symposium will share them with new and old colleagues.

Unique to this event is the encouragement of participation by PhD students who are involved in current state-of-the-art transport research and practical issues concerning ITS. The symposium will give PhD students the opportunity to present their PhD work to a knowledgeable audience.  At the same time it will offer the opportunity for the presentation of achievements of Slovene and foreign researchers.  

Further the symposium gives participants from ministries universities research organisations and industry the opportunity to establish personal contacts with the aim of stimulating an efficient transfer of research results to the market according to the needs and expectations of the users of all modes of transport.

The aim of the symposium is also to encourage dialogue and cooperation among the participants who are involved in solving transport problems and looking for common ITS solutions.

ISEP Symposium is focusing on the following topics:

  • ITS technologies in and for all modes of transport
  • Policy strategy and standards for future ITS
  • The role of ITS in railways air and maritime traffic
  • ITS: saving time and lives 
  • Communications supporting mobility
  • Public transport operations and urban mobility
  • Human aspect in ITS
  • Efficiency in long distance freight
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to infrastructure communication technologies and applications
  • Road pricing
  • Incident detection and emergency management 
  • The policy and sociology of ITS communications 
  • Traffic simulation and modelling
  • Business models for ITS applications
  • Traveller and Traffic information
  • Traffic management
  • Solutions for travellers with special needs
  • Digital maps
  • Weather monitoring with traffic control
  • ITS training and education
  • ITS architecture
  • eSafety vehicles
  • The Role of IT in Logistics.

Who should attend?

  • Educators and Researchers
  • Representatives of Transport Organisations
  • State Officials and Local Community Officials
  • Communications Providers
  • ITS Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Transport and Logistics Services Providers
  • Environmental Advocates
  • Representatives of Public Safety Organisations
  • System Integrators
  • Telematics Providers
  • Students of Technical and Humanistic Sciences.

Symposium program

Experts will speak through a Plenary Session and Technical Sessions. All modes of transport will be included. To contribute please forward an abstract of your paper in an electronic format to the Programme Committee using the application system via All articles will be reviewed and accepted articles will be published in the Symposium’s Proceedings with ISBN.


On 26 March 2013 a technical visit is planned. Sponsors for this prestigious event are welcomed.


Official language of the Symposium is English.



  14 January 2013 Registration of abstracts           

  28 January 2013 Notification of acceptance

  25 February 2013 Submission of draft paper

  11 March 2013 Submission of final paper


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