14216540683_3d8c636b8a_zThe Swedish city of Helsingborg is installing new charging stations to help promote the use of cleaner and energy-efficient vehicles.

The six loading stations with 12 charging points are being opened across various city locations, including the main square.

The project is being rolled out in co-operation with the city of Helsingborg and Swedish energy company Öresundskraft.

‘It feels great that we can now offer electric vehicle charging in key locations,’ said Oscar Grönwall, Helsingborg’s head of traffic.

The new charging stations are being installed by CLEVER, a Danish electromobility operator that has already installed over 500 fast-charging points in Denmark.

Image copyright: Electric Car Charging Station Symbol(link is external) (image on Flickr) by “Nicola Sznajder“, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0(link is external).