Maltese public transport users made over 32 million trips over the last year using the country’s new travel smartcard, according to Malta’s public transport operator.

Since the launch of the tallinja card last year by Malta Public Transport (MPT),  240 000 people now use one for their daily travel.

The card caps the daily, weekly or monthly amount a customer spends using it to travel, regardless of how many journeys they make.

Over 12 000 tallinja users reach their monthly capped amount. Some have managed to make over 3 500 trips in a year using the card, saving them €2 000.

MPT has rewarded the most frequent travellers in each tallinja card category – Adult, Student, Child, Concession and Gozo – with free bus travel for 12 months.

With the tallinja card popular among travellers, MPT says that it can now use the data they generate to study travel patterns.

In April, MPT launched the tallinja app, allowing smartphone users to see real-time bus information and plan journeys.