On 12 September POLIS and PluService organised the 3rd User Group Meeting of the STADIUM project on the scenic Rotonda a Mare of Senigallia.

STADIUM consortium partners (from the EU and India) and delegations coming from Poland Brazil and Russia (which will host upcoming international sports events such as UEFA EURO 2012 Football World Cup 2014 and Olympics Games 2016 Winter Olympics 2014) participated in the event.. The entire conference was broadcast live on the web.

The meeting represented a fruitful opportunity to compare experiences developed within the STADIUM Project (recent demonstrations for the Football World Cup 2010 in Cape Town South Africa Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi India and forthcoming demo for Summer Olympics 2012 in London UK) and the current status of technology and organisation in terms of mobility transport networks and infrastructure in the countries hosting future sports events.

The event was also an occasion to present the interactive database of the STADIUM Handbook the output manual of the project containing guide-lines to be used as a model for the management of mobility during big events.
On 13 September the User Group delegations moved to Rome and visited the Rome Mobility Agency for follow-up discussions related to the Project results and their future implementations.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Sep 2011