Article by Peter Fowler Cinterion’s regional president for the Americas

One of the greatest benefits cellular-enabled M2M solutions have brought to enterprises is the ability to track their assets while in transit.  Tracking and tracing solutions with GPS and cellular connectivity allow companies to keep a close eye on vehicles equipment and other assets even while they move across the globe. These solutions help optimize mobile fleets and business operations giving managers dispatchers and drivers the tools they need for success.

Two leaders in the M2M industry Cinterion and Digital Communications Technologies (DCT) have combined their expertise to bring new intelligence and greater flexibility to tracking tracing and reporting devices designed for demanding fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery applications.  DCT’s scalable Syrus GPS SY2210 solution combines Cinterion-powered communications with highly sensitive built-in GPS for best-in-class tracking capabilities. The white label solution offers a host of features and capabilities including sophisticated theft recovery tools that provide pinpoint locations of missing vehicles and integrated jamming detection. In addition a fully integrated 3-axis accelerometer detects and helps manage driving behavior a vital feature for car insurance companies who can associate rates with safe or risky behaviors.

Syrus GPS takes advantage of Cinterion’s EGS5 Java module to host software applications for Syrus Watch a web-based remote management tool that enables customizable prompts and reporting and over-the-air software updates. Syrus Watch helps end users monitor and manage performance of vital operational functions – device temperature power voltage fluctuations internal battery status and more – to quickly diagnose issues before they become expensive problems. The use of Java is a growing trend in M2M module technology. Java modules are compatible with virtually any end-user platform and they eliminate the need for additional processors and memory chips which simplifies design and integration and lowers costs.

Early implementers have reported great success with the Syrus GPS solution in a variety of AVL solutions:

  • Carrotech a leader in tracking and tracing technology for 4-wheel drive vehicles and agricultural equipment is using Syrus GPS successfully throughout the UK. Movement sensors and a ‘panic button’ feature dramatically improved drivers’ sense of safety on the road while allowing implementers to strengthen theft-prevention capabilities.
  • Ride Systems a leader in custom GPS tracking solutions relies heavily on the Cinterion-enabled Syrus GPS for outstanding customer support and application engineering as well the product’s ideal form factor for discreet applications. The new design with dual internal antennas makes it extremely easy to set up and deploy.
  • GPS Web Tracking a US-based leading provider of GPS products and services offered its expansive worldwide customer base a choice between the DCT Syrus solution and another competing national brand. Syrus GPS was the solution of choice outperforming the competition in product reliability functional flexibility and overall ease of use.

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Original Publication Date: Fri 23 Sep 2011