The 4th ETSI TC ITS Yearly Workshop was held from 7 to 9 February 2012 in Doha Qatar. The Qatar University Wireless Innovation Centre (QUWIC) hosted this event with the support of the Qatar National Research Fund. More than 160 participants were invited to this ITS workshop to understand and share views about Cooperative ITS with regards to the standards development the trials and lessons learned as well as application and technology issues.

Mr Soeren Hess ETSI TC ITS chairman opened the workshop with an introduction followed by the keynote speeches. The first sessions presented the situation of the ITS standardisation at CEN and ETSI in relationship with EC Mandate M/453. The following sessions enabled participant to learn about ongoing research and deployment activities for the Cooperative ITS. Presentations about trials communication functionalities applications radio and security were provided by many experts and provided fruitful debates.

Mr Hermann Meyer (in the photo) CEO of ERTICO presented ERTICO activities during the keynote session. He put special focus on the of the ERTICO Partnership to ensure effective deployment of priority ITS applications in Europe and thanked ETSI for its most essential work concerning related standardisation to ensure interoperability. Mr Sebastian Müller Technical Coordinator at CTI (Centre for Testing and Interoperability) and Mr Francois Fischer ERTICO Project Manager made a presentation of cooperative ITS testing activities organised jointly by ERTICO and ETSI in the scope of the EC funded projects DRIVE-C2X and EcoMove. He also introduced the ERTICO-ETSI cooperation programme on ITS Plugtest events related to cooperative ITS and eCall.

In this context of the host country the participants learned that the deployment of cooperative ITS in Qatar forms part of efforts for innovation and technology development. Qatar will face critical challenges in the field of transport in the future being the host of the FIFA world cup in 2022 and an applicant for the 2020 Olympic Games. To address these challenges Qatar will develop test and deploy innovative cooperative ITS solutions.

The event host QUWIC is leading the research and development of cooperative ITS in Qatar and demonstrated its results using the QUWIC’s connected car in the exhibition hall. The Qatar National research Fund (QNRF) supporting education and research through different partnership programmes sponsored this 4th ETSI TC ITS workshop. Partnership and research funding opportunities with Qatar were also discussed with ERTICO.


Conclusions of the worshop are available on the ETSI website.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 27 Feb 2012