History will most certainly repeat itself for those using the “Timetraveler Berlin Wall” app, which visually reconstructs the Berlin Wall for tablet users standing in front of different sections of the historic divide.

The promise of the app is to engage visitors with more knowledge about exactly what transpired in specific locations around the wall. Users simply open the app, and hold it up to the area in question. Video and other multimedia information will then populate the screen to give a more in-depth historical perspective.

In addition to video about the Wall, the app cleverly ties in old photos to offer up a view of what was once there in that specific space.

Historical view of Berlin Wall area

Without a doubt, this is a neat way to deploy guest-owned technology in a historical setting to enhance the experience.

The technology also creates a marketing buzz that encourages potential visitors to stop by and engage with the history of the site – something that could be a lesson learned by other destination marketers with historical venues to market.

The app has a map of areas that can be accessed with additional content, and shows the user via a map exactly where they must be to experience the content.

Map for Timetraveler app

The video below shows how it all works – and has an entertaining bit with passers-by experiencing the augmented reality app for the first time.

Overall, this is a pretty neat way to deploy technology and engage visitors in an inexpensive, unobtrusive manner.

Original author: Nick Vivion