ERTICO-coordinated European project 5G-MOBIX aims to showcase the added value of 5G technology for advanced Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) use cases. It also works to validate the viability of the technology to bring automated driving to the next level of vehicle automation, also to rural and cross-border areas, which are always the last on MNOs’ planning regarding 5G coverage.

But because CCAM services requiring 5G connectivity will not be able to be supported unless there is full coverage, 5G-MOBIX is calling on companies to contribute in a deployment study to investigate the available coverage options and expectations and address the following points:

  • The exact needs of CCAM services at border areas and detailed requirements for CCAM use cases;
  • Projected data and vehicular traffic;
  • Αn estimation of the additional 5G investments needed in those areas;
  • The existing (or planned) telecom and transport infrastructure;
  • The role, interests and interconnections of and between every stakeholder.

Click here to read more about this study and its guidelines for completion and submission.

This study is open to all firms until 28 March, and aims at identifying the necessary investments needed to enable full cross-border service coverage for the use-cases in 5G-MOBIX by obtaining objective and unbiased information data and circumvent potential confidentiality issues between operators when collecting commercially sensitive data.

Firms wishing to take part in this study should:

1. Read carefully the guidelines contained in the RFQ document;

2. Download and complete the scoring sheet document;

3. Send the scoring sheet and the proof in the form of an approach and reference projects (see point 3.2. Approach and example projects) to the contacts under “3.6. Proposal submission timeline” outlined in the RFQ document. The format for the proof is free of choice, and the content should be short.

In the RFQ document, the current stakeholder questions are mentioned as relevant information. Click here to obtain that file.

The selected companies will be contacted by 5G-MOBIX members in April.