The new Horizon 2020 funded project 5G-LOGINNOV that started in September 2020 and is coordinated by ERTICO is sponsoring this year’s ITS Hellas Virtual Conference that will take place between 14-15 December. ‘I am pleased to announce that among the sponsors of the event is the project 5G-LOGINNOV’ said Dr Angelos Amditis the President of ERTICO-ITS Europe, and Vice President of ITS Hellas.

In view of the adoption of the new measures envisaged in the European action plan for a sustainable and green European economy, and in regards to the economic recovery plan and the health challenges of our time, the event focuses on the issues related to European goals, national aspirations as well as efforts carried out for achieving sustainable and green mobility. The event will host six sessions that will focus on developments in green, smart and sustainable mobility. It will also have a session dedicated to Green ports and freight transport where the project 5G-LOGINNOV plays a role. By using 5G networks the project will apply a range of port driven and societal innovations that will transform the logistics industry and will play an active role in the decarbonisation of transport by:

• Minimising the environmental impact of ports
• Reducing congestion around the port area and disturbance to the city
• Representing a pillar of economic development and business innovation for the region
• Facilitating the integration of the autonomous truck platoons of the future.

These innovations will be supported and demonstrated at three European ports, Hamburg in Germany, Luka Koper in Slovenia and Athens in Greece.

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